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Wonderwall 2018 Pinot Noir, Central Coast

Wonderwall 2018 Pinot Noir, Central Coast


VINEYARDS -- Morro View, Greengate, Spanish Springs, Pooch

ELEVAGE -- 8 months in French oak, 15% new

ALC -- 12.9% 

TASTING NOTES 2018 PINOT NOIR -- Curious, you sit down to listen. As you sip your drink, notes flow smoothly from the stage, like cola, gentle but bubbly on the way down — then the snap! of almond bark, the twinge of black cherries as the tempo changes. Your heart begins to quicken. The musician opens his mouth to sing, his voice raspy, a touch of smoke, a hint of pepper. It draws an emotion you cannot name, yet it soothes you: like black tea, perhaps, the warm comforts of clove and cinnamon. Each element unique but familiar, becoming something new altogether, joined in perfect harmony. You know you are witnessing history.