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Odonata Wines 2017 Chardonnay, Monterey County

Odonata Wines 2017 Chardonnay, Monterey County

Vintage: 2017

Varietal: Chardonnay 

Vineyard: This fruit comes from Big Pond River Road Vineyard on River Road in the Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey, CA. The Vineyard has been planted and consistently farmed by the McFarland’s since 1973. The vines are own rooted (no rootstock), tightly planted and produce Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling.

Winemaking: : At harvest 24.5 Brix, 3.3ph; fermented in stainless steel tank, transferred to 3 flex tanks & 4 barrels.

Notes: Intensely crisp tropical fruit notes. Our style of stainless steel Chardonnay combines crispness with a rich creamy finish, making this a wonderfully round wine!