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Desparada Dressmaker Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast Solera-style 3pk

Desparada Dressmaker Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast Solera-style 3pk

varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
vineyards: D'Anbino, Star Lane, Chelle Mountain, TTT, Coghlin
ava: Central Coast
barrels: 2 per year

tasting notes: A summit of old and new, arcane wisdom and modern
philosophy. Like observing a distant solar system, one that spins raspberry
compote, jasmine incense, baking spices, velvet upholstery, and rain-fresh
soil into new alignments with every sip.

A Solera-style Cabernet Sauvignon beget from six vintages, six years of
experimentation and bold ventures. A thread of poetry here, a thread of nature there, all brought forth by this – my labor and my spirit, bottled. It’s the lynchpin around which creations spin, a culmination of trials and triumphs. Conceived in 2012, Dress Maker integrates Cabernet Sauvignon vintages from each
harvest since, evoking the best of their characters. A perfect balance of old vintage depth and new vintage vibrance. 

Each year, a new vintage will be added to the blend, bringing new complexities to each release. The final 2026 release will contain 12 vintages, 12 years of whims and revelations. In total, the Dress Maker collection will consist of eight releases that, like the tides, wane and wax with each of the lunar phases.