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CB Cellars 2017 Corvina, Central Coast

CB Cellars 2017 Corvina, Central Coast

Varietal:  Corvina 100%
Appellation: San Benito County
Vinification: 100% de-stemmed, unfined & unfiltered. 
Aging: 6 months, 1/3 New Hungarian Oak, 2/3 2nd Fill French Oak
Production: 3 barrels, 75 cases
Tasting notes:  Light in color, red fruits seem to crackle on the palate - It begins with tart cherries and plums that quickly develops in to more floral notes of hibiscus and fine black tea while all having this spicy and nutty undercurrent of pistachios with sassafras spice. Gives a pleasant and mouth-filling texture.  
Temp: Best served just above cellar temperature - or after a short 45-minute visit to the refrigerator.
Food Pairings: Corvina grown in California must come from a cool region to maintain the acidity you find here, a feature that helps this wine compliment a wide variety of dishes. Try it with anything made with ripe tomatoes, roasted fowl, pork and rich, dark grains.

After a few years of getting Corvina solely from the warm climate of Lodi, I finally got a second vineyard to plant some in a bit more moderate climate. This gave much healthier fruit with more structure and, more importantly, thicker skins that gave a richer, deeper, color. Don’t get me wrong: the wine is still light, but it now looks more like the rich, flavorful, red wine that it is and no longer like a rose. With this added intensity of flavor I wanted to test it out and see how it reacted to some new oak - Corvina has similarities to Pinot Noir (which handles new oak very well).

The resulting wine was only tasting better and better as I checked in on it during the months following harvest. I prefer to bottle my red wines after they spend at least 10 months in barrel, but in late March, as I was tasting the Corvina, I decided I would much rather capture that moment of the wine’s evolution than wait any longer and risk it losing any of it’s freshness or current flavors.

San Francisco based winemaker